measuring success

We are hours into the new year and I find myself contemplating and gauging the success of 2014 for myself, as some of you may also be doing, at this time.

Some of us may not have had the banner year we were hoping for. For one reason of the other, certain things may not have worked out. Hell, everything may have even failed, at least in “our heads”. That’s definitely NOT to say the year wasn’t a success.

Success is very relative to each individual. Our perceptions/definitions of success are constantly evolving with time and new experiences. Being successful generates a positive state of mind that one may not necessarily be fully aware of unless said one really takes the time to step back and reflect. Let me make this clearer.

2014 for me was probably my most defining year. It really shook and challenged some of my most fundamental beliefs and aspirations on many different levels. The struggle didn’t just start and end with graduating college and finding a job but really struggling with being able to take calculated risks with my future. Risks that could potentially promise me the moon and stars if paid off. To add to this struggle, I’d have people telling me that I was making excuses for myself and taking the easy way out by not taking those risks. Funnily enough, looking at some of their life decisions it is clear that they are hugely averse towards taking risks themselves. All said and done, they followed the well treaded path and emerged successful in their own right. Do I therefore follow a path similar to theirs or do I take the road less traveled? Thinking back, this and many other micro struggles really put life into perspective for me. I may not have made a lot of headway in terms of pursuing my dream but all this time has given me the strength to make informed decisions. I now know exactly what I’m going to do given the options and the time I have. It also goes without say that I grew up a hell of a lot in a very short timeframe. This, to me is progress/success.

This sort of success, if I may, should never be discounted and regarded as being inconsequential. It may be intangible but is still highly crucial and consequential in driving progress. It is VERY important, just as we affirm tangible changes in our lives, to affirm intangible changes like this and continue working at our goals with just as much focus, if not more.

Bottomline, try rehashing everything negative that had happened in the past year and find any growth/realization, however infinitesimal. I promise you’ll find it. That previously disregarded bit of success could in fact be the small key opening a little door towards enabling you to achieve the many tangible successes and affirmations we so desperately desire.

Happy New Year everyone! x


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